Servicing, maintaining, or replacing your existing basement
cavity drain sump pumps

Do you have a sump pump or pump station in your basement, cellar or vault? Sump pumps should be serviced once a year to reduce the risk of breakdown and increase the life expectancy of the equipment. It also ensures that running costs are kept low as keeping the pumps clean and flushed out will mean the pump will not have to work as hard. 

A sump pump service should not be a 5-minute job, and your sump-pump engineer should be thoroughly cleaning, checking, and testing all parts of your sump pump, back up pumps, chargers, converters and batteries. We are able to provide a comprehensive sump pump service which includes (but is not limited to!) all of the above. We can also replace or repair faulty basement pumps.

We are currently servicing a number of sump pumps around London and would love to add yours to our list. If you would like to know our costs or benefit from a first service 5% discount, please get in touch.

If you are a landlord or a property manager and do not want to worry about remembering to have sump pumps maintained in the properties you own or manage, you can also sign up to our service agreement which provides reduced rate pump services over a number of years.

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