Rectifying, controlling, and preventing the occurrence of damp, mould and mildew in your property

Is there a presence of damp, mould, or mildew in your home, which is causing an unhealthy and damp internal environment and damage to the internal finishes of your walls and ceilings?

There are a number of reasons why any of these problems might occur. Here are some of the possible issues, and how we might be able to help. 

Rising Damp

Your home may be suffering from the common problem of rising damp, which occurs where a damp proof course is either not present, has deteriorated over time, or has been damaged or incorrectly installed. This allows water to rise from the ground into the lower levels of walls, causing structural damage due to the hydroscopic effect of the salts, and dampness in the lower part of walls.

We can identify and rectify this problem through the use of an injected chemical damp proof course and a damp proof render to mitigate the damage caused by the salts. To underpin our high-quality service, we offer a 20 year DPC injection guarantee as standard.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp can occur when water from outside penetrates a building structure, manifesting as damp on the internal wall surfaces and ceilings. If left untreated, it causes more serious problems, such as structural damage to your property. Penetrating damp can be caused by a number of issues. This may include blocked gutters, or building faults such as holes in roofs, failed or cracked renders, cracks in brickwork, or damaged lead flashing.

Our damp specialists can identify the cause of the issue and carry out remediation measures such as the application of water repellents or sealants, waterproof render, unblocking gutters, or repairing holes in the substrate where water is penetrating.

Rising damp at ground level due to inadequate DPC
Blocked gutters - 600x600
Blocked gutters causing penetrating damp in upper floors

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Damp in your home or property?

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